Fresh mosaic luxury spa and pool

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Fresh Mosaics

Jasba-FRESH offers a harmonious range of modern and fresh colours in the popular 20x20mm and 50x50mm mosaic formats.

One particular advantage is that all colours are available in both glossy and slip resistant R10/B SECURA surface finishes.

Fresh mosaic tiles create a feel-good experience, thanks to its many colours available.  The Fresh mosaic series also allows designers the option to create colour gradients to resemble the flow of movement.  Mosaic colour gradients can be custom designed to co-ordinate with your room appearance.  For further details contact Ceramic Solutions.    

HT Tiles

Fresh mosaics are manufactured with HT, making them easy to clean, as well as providing anti-bacterial properties that eliminate germs, bacteria and bad odours.

Nominal Dimensions
  • 20x20mm mosaics
  • 50x50mm mosaics
Colour Gradient

Ideal for feature walls or columns, colour gradients can be designed individually (minimum order 3 boxes).