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Motifs & Customisations

Ceramic tile murals and motifs are artistic ornaments used to enhance a space.  Ceramic Solutions has supplied a number of tailored murals and motifs which have been used in either a pool floor or as a feature wall. Within an aquatic facility typical motif picutres relate to an aquatic environment, such as mosaic sea horses, sea turtles, dolphins or water swirls, but any motify design can be created to suit your facility. 

This form of artwork has been used to decorate spaces for over 4,000 years, used for story telling of great battles or the wealth and riches of a person.  Today, ceramic murals are used in our homes to define a style or decorative theme.  Ceramic Solutions typically supplies and installs mosaic motifs and murals in commercial pools, providing a fun and welcoming feeling within toddler pools or splashpad areas, adding visual interest to otherwise plain surfaces.


Benefits of our mosaic murals and motifs

  • Motifs are supplied on prefabricated sheets with laying patterns supplied. 
  • Mosaic murals and motifs are available in gloss or anti-slip finish.
  • Format variety ranging from 1x1cm, 2.5x2.5cm, 5x5cm and 10x10cm
  • Large format tiles can be laser cut to match your design.
  • Great spectrum of colours available.
  • Suitable for laying underwater and water laden areas
  • Full surface contact to the base surface.
  • HT coating ensures easy cleaning and safety in changing rooms, showers and wellness areas.