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Wetdeck Plastic
Wetdeck Plastic
Wetdeck Plastic

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Wetdeck Grates - Plastic

To meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor commercial pools, competitive pools and the most distinctive pool designs in the aquatics industry, Lawson Aquatics has designed a high tech, high performance system of parallel grating, either straight or radius, that follow the contours of any gutter system pool design.

Known for its quick capture of pool wake and noise reduction, Lawson Quiet Flow SuperGrip grating offers a distinctive design to collect water quickly and reduce the acoustics of commercial gutters.  This grating system can be be easily installed to virtually any free-form design without the excessive cost of building sloped or wider gutters.


  • Manufactured in the USA from quality, low heat absorption, outdoor grade PVC for flexibility, strength & UV protection.
  • Parallel grate available in either straight or as radius, creating a consisten design look.
  • Noise reduced water movement obtained through QuitFlow technology.
  • Non-slip surface contour.
  • Grates sit within rebated ceramic tiles negating need for stainless steel & earthing.
  • Improved aesthetics with consistent design look.
  • 10-year warranty.

Design Features

  • 37.5% open area and surface design facilitates high water flow through rate.
  • Increased coefficient of friction to 0.8 ASTM, the highest of any pool grate.
  • Tested for (ASTM E-661) load-to-failure & deflection at 90kgs.
  • Tested for colour fastness & UV stability (ASTM G-154, exceeding 750 hours).
  • Water is never locked within the surface pattern & therefore mitigates algae growth.
  • Available in white, grey and bone colours.