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The utilisation of a Stark Bulkhead makes for a truly versatile facility for indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  Whether it’s recreational, instructional or competitive events, these activities can be run simultaneously within separate areas of the same swimming pool; thereby offering aquatic centres increased utilisation and improved financial performance.  Stark Bulkheads (otherwise known as Booms) are designed and manufactured for strength, endurance, beauty and ease-of-use. The patented floatation (pool boom) system allows for easy repositioning without the need for rollers or pallet trucks, which can cause damage to wet-decks and pool edges.  Ceramic Solutions are exclusive Australian distributors of Stark Bulkheads and specialise in the installation process.


  • FINA compliant pool bulkhead (pool boom).
  • 100% flow through feature; all wave action within pool passes through bulkhead, as opposed to 20% for stainless steel bulkheads (pool booms).
  • No trampoline affect; solid fibreglass construction is the strongest in the industry and perfect for high-level competition.
  • Allows simultaneous activites to take place in one pool increasing pool usage and bottom line.
  • Stark Bulkhead design doesn't impede upon concourse and causes no damage to wetdeck or surrounds.

Design Features

  • 100% non-corrosive fibreglass.
  • No welded seams.
  • No corrodable metals.
  • Can be fitted with starting platforms (starting blocks), timing systems, water polo goals and toe ledges.
  • Air inflatable floatation chambers for easy repositioning.
  • No wheels, rollers, pallet trucks required to relocate pool bulkhead (pool boom).
  • Custom pool head designs possible.

No Wetdeck Obstructions

Stark Bulkheads (pool booms) can accommodate any gutteror pool perimeter configuration. Unlike other movable systems, Stark Bulkheads are designed so the bulkhead structure doesn’t impede upon the concourse. This allows for greater useable concourse areas and prevents tripping hazards. It also ensures no impact damage occurs to the wetdeck and surrounds when moving, and allows for easy access to the pool
gutter system for cleaning and maintenance.

Ceramic Solutions Trusted Supplier and Installer

Ceramic Solutions are the exclusive distributors for Stark Bulkheads within Australia. With 20 years experience in the pool and leisure industry, Ceramic Solutions works closely with engineers to accommodate any gutter or pool perimeter configuration, with each system being custom designed and built to suit your specific aquatic facility requirements.  Delivered in one piece, Ceramic Solutions coordinates the entire installation process including traffic management, cranes and commercial pool divers to ensure bulkheads (booms) are delivered on-time and on-budget.
With comprehensive training and operational videos available, Ceramic Solutions delivers a complete bulkhead system, backed by a team of professionals who know swimming and aquatics.