Chroma Pool Non Slip Tiles
Chroma Pool Non Slip Tiles
Chroma Pool Non Slip Tiles

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Chroma Pool Slip Resistant Tiles

Chroma Pool slip resistant tiles is specifically designed for wet barefoot areas, with an anti-slip B or C rating available, it is the ideal solution for showers, beach entry and toddler’s pool, concourse and water play equipment surrounds.

As part of the Chroma pool tiles series, a great selection of compatible colours and modular formats are available, to provide creative scope for planners and pool architects.  Manufactured in Germany by Agrob Buchtal, Chroma pool tiles are extruded and offer far superior performance qualities in a pool and aquatic environment than pressed tiles, such as adhesive tensile strength (both dry and wet), stain resistance and DIN EN 14411 standard water absorption for optimum bonding.

HT Tiles

Chroma tiles are manufactured with HT, making them easy to clean, as well as providing anti-bacterial properties that eliminate germs, bacteria and bad odours.

Public swimming pools and aquatic centres world-wide utilise HT to lower maintenance costs and maintain a clean and hygienic environment for swimmers.  The photocataltic process also helps improve the air quality within swimming pool centres,  

Click here for more information regarding HT tiles.

Nominal Tile Dimensions
  • 125x125mm
  • 125x250mm
  • 250x250mm
  • Grid profile available.
  • Matching nosings, trims, radials, long and short round edges.