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Lane Ropes

Ceramic Solutions lane ropes are manufactured by Malmsten and contain a patented flow-through design that reduces water turbulence between racing lanes. Known as the Malmsten “COMPETITOR”, these racing lanes allow wave energy to be dispersed within the lane to optimise pool conditions for training and competition.

FINA compliant, Malmsten lane ropes are used internationally within FINA World Swimming Championships, World Masters and Olympic Games. COMPETITOR racing lanes are manufactured in 100mm or 150mm polyethylene discs with donut floats, and are available in classic colours, FINA colours or custom design. Complete with take-up reel and tension spring, these racing lanes won’t sag and are less likely to break (or damage fixing points) due to the give and take of the spring.

Malmsten storage trolleys

Made of stainless steel and partly powder-coated for improved durability and resistance to corrosion, these storage trolleys are fixed with lockable, swivel casters for easy and safe movement.

Available in two sizes:

  • 1910x1250x1410mm: Fits 150m standard lane ropes or 75m gold land ropes
  • 2460x1250x1410mm: Fits 200m standard lane ropes or 100m gold land ropes
Malmsten lane sliders

Not only do the lane sliders protect the tiles located on the pool edge, it also allows the racing lanes to run smoothly over the pool edge without causing damage to the plastic discs, making your racing lanes last longer and reducing wear and tear on your facility.

Storage under pool deck

A storage trap with a protective roll mechanism and a floor cover plate is an innovative solution for safe and easy storage of lane ropes under the pool deck.