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The development of a successful project relies on a systematic and well managed process. It’s an approach which must embrace sound technical knowledge and practical experience.

Our programs include:

  • Preparation of shop drawings
  • Tile laying plans
  • Determination of quantities
  • Project-specific advice regarding application techniques
  • Program development
  • High-quality installation anywhere in Australia and the Asia Pacific
  • Project supervision
  • Long term credible warranties for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Operational and maintenance manuals


When specifying tiles and pool equipment, be it domestic pools, commercial or public pools, Ceramic Solutions is diligent in ensuring all products meet their specification, this includes building standards, OH&S regulations and duty of care to swimming patrons.

When selecting products, whether it’s the pool interior, concourse, amenities, stairways or landings; Ceramic Solutions works closely with customers to help determine the product criteria best suited for the application.