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Wetdeck Plastic
Wetdeck Plastic
Wetdeck Plastic

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Wetdeck Grates

Ceramic Solutions offers a range of high-performance grating systems designed to meet the requirements of aquatic pool designs. These are sourced from different manufacturers, depending on the application and customer-determined price points.

Plastic pool grates and covers can be supplied by Ceramic Solutions in a variety of forms and colours, to suit concourse and pool colour schemes. Various manufacturers utilise different plastics which, in-turn, have a bearing on tensile strength, life span and cost.


  • Outdoor grade PVC for flexibility and strength.
  • Parallel grate available in either straight or as radius, creating a consistent design look.
  • Non-slip surface contour.
  • Grates sit within rebated ceramic tiles negating the need for stainless steel & earthing.
  • Improved aesthetics with consistent design look.

Wetdeck Grates - Ceramic

Agrob Buchtal manufacturers ceramic pool wetdecks to provide a seamless look from concourse to pool edge. As part of the Capestone, Emotion, Geo 2.0, Marino, Rovere and Valley range ceramic pool wetdecks are available to create a luxurious look and feel to any pool or spa.

Hotel Pools

When hotel guests use a swimming pool, the focus is on an attractive design as well as practical benefits. Agrob Buchtal tile series, such as Valley, permit conclusive design from the pool edge to the adjacent areas and comply with all guidelines concerning non-slip safety. Easy to clean with a permanently attractive surface, ceramic pool grates integrate harmoniously into their surroundings.

High-quality ceramic outclasses other materials by a long shot, and thanks to its durability and easy maintenance the ceramic tile range offered by swimming pool specialist AGROB BUCHTAL complies with Standards Australia slip resistance . For further information regarding dimensions and non-slip features contact Ceramic Solutions.